Dunkin’ Donuts – Google Micro Moments

Dunkin’ Donuts worked with Johannes Leonardo and STOPP/LA (now MediaMonks) to build timetocoffee.com, which crunches two sets of data — the walk times to Dunkin’ Donuts locations in the Times Square area, and current wait times at each — to determine which Dunkin’ Donuts will get you coffee quickest.


Users who search for “coffee near me” or similar on Google Maps or in Google Search on their mobile phone will see an ad that says, “Find the fastest coffee.” Clicking the ad brings up the Time to Coffee Google Maps powered experience, which pin points the user’s location and points to the right Dunkin’ including walking directions.

STOPP made UX, design, development and server infrastructure. Service like Google Maps Javascript API, Pusher for realtime events and CodeIgniter for backend CMS dashboard for management of line time at each Dunkin’ Donuts location was use to make this experience happen.


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