Hamptons Picnic Properties

In this groundbreaking and highly interactive experiance made in collaboration between STOPP/LA (now MediaMonks) and Mother New York for Stella Artois lets the user engage in a real time phone interview with Stella Cidre band ambassador, Le Président. He is collecting applicants for a 20sqf picnic property in the Hamptons that you can win!

To make this campaign for Stella Artois a reality, a lot of different technologies has been used. We used services from OneReach for phone call and voice recognition, Pusher for real time events and finally CodeIgniter (PHP) as API platform to make OneReach, Pusher and the users browser communicate with each other.

A lot of time was also spent to, in best way possible, try and calculate the latency between the user (the phone call) and the browser to sync up the phone audio with the video audio in the users browser.